The National Conservation Commission, having evolved from the Parks and Beaches Commission and was charged with a wider mandate which not only included ensuring that the nation’s recreational requirements are met through the provision & maintenance of public parks, open areas and public gardens but also the management of beach services in Barbados.

To this end, the organization created a logo which reflects its renewed focus of becoming a service driven, self-sustainable public organization. The old brand and message was no longer identifying the organization’s story and as such, it was only natural that the brand should similarly evolve in order to make it current and relevant.

The features of the new logo are all derived from environmental elements with the main feature being the Pride of Barbados flower. This not only symbolizes nationalism but is also representative of our operations regarding the preservation and beautification of the terrestrial environment .It is also a statement of accomplishment and intent as the natural environment continues to flourish in the capable hands of the Commission. The white striations on the semi-organic shape mimic the shapes of our fields and hills and also signify marine preservation.

The Board of Directors, Management and staff of the National Conservation Commission recognise the new logo as a symbol of the way forward and a statement of our renewed focus & continued commitment to preserving, enhancing the beauty of our island through the provision of service excellence to all stakeholders.

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