The Commission is responsible for the development and maintenance of public beach accesses around the island. The rapid development of over 150 hotels & businesses on Barbados’ coast especially between Heywood’s, St. Peter and Oistins in Christ Church has stressed the need to provide locals with unimpeded access to the beaches.

There are currently approximately eighty-five (85) beach accesses categorized as pedestrian & vehicular.

  • Pedestrian Access– Areas where the public access the beach, is a minimum width of six (6) feet
  • Vehicular Access– Areas where the public can access the beach by a vehicle and there is provision of adequate parking for such. Pedestrian also utilize these accesses.

This by extension will encourage social integration amongst visitors and locals. Nowhere is the process of social integration more evident than along the coastlines where visitors and locals may be seen interacting and enjoying this lovely natural resource.

Recognizing the above, the Commission continues to identify and recommend areas for acquisition which are popularly utilized by the public in order to meet social demands and upgrade existing accesses where possible. This work involves the provision of at least one or a combination of the following:

  • Improved lighting
  • Signage
  • Seating
  • Beach Facilities
  • Lifeguard Stations

Beach Accesses

Christ Church

  1. Vehicular Beach Access
  • Amaryllis Beach
  • Dover Beach
  • Enterprise Beach / Atlantic Shores
  • Enterprise/Miami Beach
  • Maxwell (B)
  • Maxwell (West
  • Rockley Beach
  • Silver Sands
  • Worthing Beach
  1. Pedestrian Beach Access
  • Coconut Court
  • Hastings Rocks
  • Kentucky (West)
  • Maxwell (Wind Surf Hotel)
  • Oistin’s Fish Market
  • Rendezvous
  • St. Lawrence Gap
  • Welches

St. Philip

  1. Vehicular Beach Access
  • Foul Bay
  1. Pedestrian Beach Access
  • Bottom Bay
  • The Crane

St. Andrew

  1. Vehicular Beach Access
  • Barclays Park

St. John

  1. Vehicular Beach Access
  • Bath
  • Martin’s Bay
  1. Pedestrian Beach Access
  • Consett Bay

St. Joseph

  1. Vehicular Beach Access
  • Bathsheba

St. Michael

  1. Vehicular Beach Access
  • Batts Rock
  • Bay Street Esplanade
  • Browne’s Beach
  • Drill Hall
  • Hospital Jetty
  • Needham’s Point
  • Pebbles Beach
  • Spring Garden (Brandons)
  1. Pedestrian Beach Access
  • Bay Street Old Fish Market
  • SG Fish Market

St. Peter

  1. Vehicular Beach Access
  • Cholera Ground
  • Gooding’s Bay
  • Heywoods North
  1. Pedestrian Beach Access
  • Heywoods (South)
  • Mullins

St. Lucy

  1. Vehicular Beach Access
  • Archer’s Bay
  • River Bay

St. James

  1. Vehicular Beach Access
  • Folkestone Beach
  • Good Shepherd
  • Holetown Beach
  1. Pedestrian Beach Access
  • Art Studio Apts
  • Crystal Cove (South)
  • Fitts Village Esplanade
  • Golden Palm (South)
  • Great Escape
  • Lower Carlton (St. Albans)
  • Paynes Bay (Blue Monkey)
  • Paynes Bay Fish Market
  • Royal Pavillion (North)
  • Sandy Lane (South)
  • Tamarind Cove (North)
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