About the NCC

The NCC a department of the Ministry of Environment, Water Resources & Drainage, has as its directorship, a Board of Management. This Board, headed by a Chairman, consists of eleven members. It meets monthly to determine policy and to discuss the overall operations of the Commission.

The organization is headed by a General Manager whose senior staff team comprises a Deputy General Manager, Finance Officer, Human Resources Manager & Assistant General Manager.

The Commission’s operations are serviced by a Human Resources and Administration Department, an Accounts Department, a Buildings & Works Department, a Commercial Department which includes a plant nursery & garden centre as well as landscape and landscape maintenance services; a Ranger/Warden Service,a Lifeguard Service a Transport, Mechanics and Welders Department and the Folkstone Park and Marine Reserve. Over the last twenty-two years the Commission’s staff compliment has grown progressively and now stands at nine hundred and seventy-six (976) employees.

The Functions of the Commission are

  • To conserve the natural beauty, topographic features, historic buildings, sites and monuments of Barbados;
  • To remove from any beach, public park, public garden or from the access thereto, any derelict objects;
  • To control, maintain and develop the public parks, public gardens and beaches of Barbados;
  • To maintain public access to, and to provide a lifeguard service at such of the beaches of Barbados as it thinks fit;
  • To secure the observance of sanitary and cleanly conditions and practices at and in respect of the public parks, public gardens and beaches in Barbados and such other sites, building or monuments of national interest as the Minister may desire;
  • To maintain and assist in maintaining, to such extent as the Minister directs, existing and future beach facilities;

Mission Statement

“To maintain, develop, conserve, preserve and enhance our natural and man-made environment, through the provision of quality service to our stakeholders.”

Vision Statement of The Ministry of Environment, Water Resources & Drainage

“To advance a sustainable development program underpinned by leading edge environment policies, practices and programs that protect all aspects of our environment, our water resources, quality of life and the holistic well-being of our citizens.”

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