To ensure that law and order is maintained at the beaches and parks across the island.


The Range/Warden service was initially introduced in 1970, with a small complement of staff. Over the years the numbers has been increased as the need for the maintenance of law and order became critical at parks & beaches and at the headquarters of the National Conservation Commission.
One of the criteria for Rangers/Wardens for permanent appointment was that they acquire the status of Island Constable and in 1988 efforts were made to ensure that the full complement had attained or had applied to the Commissioner of Police to be granted such status.


  • To promote professionalism among the Rangers
  • To ensure safety and security to users of the beaches, parks and staff at the designated areas
  • Staff are required to ensure that the users and visitors to the various beaches and terrestrial parks behave in a respectable & responsible manner that the relevant laws are respected and upheld
  • To deter crime and work in partnership with the Police and the Community.
  • To support community liaison by dealing with complaints and providing advice and assistance to the public on site.
  • To secure all buildings, vehicles, plants, and other properties under the aegis of the National Conservation Commission
  • To monitor vending activities at beaches
  • To supply reliable information and direction to users of the beaches, parks and designated areas


Training for Rangers/Wardens includes the following:

  • Discipline and Deportment
  • Near shore Maritime Incidents
  • Environmental Awareness
  • Customer Service
  • Drill Practice
  • Tourism Awareness
  • Self Defence
  • First Aid
  • Drug Identification
  • Exposure to relevant legislation such as The Barbados Port Authority Act and Water sports Regulations
  • Court Procedures and Presentation of Evidence

The Drill Squad

The Ranger/Warden Service has within its ranks a squad specifically trained in drill by Mr. Alfred Burnett, Supervisor of Rangers. The squad is a prominent section in National Drill Parades.

Mobile Unit

The Ranger/Warden Service also operates a Mobile Division which is essentially a rapid response unit that provides backup for frontline staff who are stationed at various sites around the island. The unit also maintains a year round presence patrolling and monitoring their designated geographic areas, giving locals and visitors the peace of mind of having trained professionals available to maintain law and order at the islands coastal & terrestrial parks. The public is encouraged to cooperate and comply with the directives given by the Ranger/Warden, as failure to comply may result in offenders being arrested and taken before a Court of Law. According to section 32 of the National Conservation Commission’s Act – Cap 393 of the Laws of Barbados,
  • A person employed by the Commission as a Ranger or Warden may arrest without a warrant any person who commits an offence specified in paragraph (e) of section (1), or paragraph (a) or (b) of subsection (2) of section 31
  • A person arrested under subsection (1) shall, for the purpose of all proceedings related to the arrest, be treated as if he were arrested by a member of the Police Force
Section 33 further states,
  • A Ranger or Warden referred to in section 32 may, if necessary, request the assistance of the Police Force in effecting arrest under that section, and that member of the Police Force may render such assistance as may be reasonable.
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