Location: St. Michael

During the early period of our history different buildings were either rented or leased as the residence of the Governor. In 1703 Government decided to lease the plantation Great House known as “Pilgrim” as the Residence for the Governor.

James A. Froude in his book “The English in the West Indies”, published in 1888, “Our luncheon over, we had time to look over the pretty gardens at Government House. There were great cabbage palms, cannon ball trees, mahogany trees, almond trees and many more which were wholly new acquaintances, there is only one cannon ball tree in these Gardens, and there are only two others – one in the Fountain Gardens and the other at “Villa Nova”.

These Gardens at Government House have been well kept, and there are times when they are opened to the public. The Commission continues to maintain these grounds, which are the venue for a number of important functions such as the Independence Honours Presentation Ceremony, in immaculate condition.

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