The Commission originally maintained five (5) snackettes / restaurants, located at Holetown,Barclays Park, Bathsheba, Bath and Hastings Rocks. Those at Hastings Rocks and Bath and Barclays Park have been reconstructed and are currently operational.

The snackette at Bathsheba was refurbished and is operational again. These facilities afford small entrepreneurs the opportunity to provide traditional and local cuisine to visitors and locals alike and are leased on concession for a period of two to five years.

Oistins Bay Gardens

Oistins is located in the parish of Christ Church and is a major fishing community in Barbados with a modern fishing market. Additionally, Oistins is the site of the annual Fish Festival which honours those who contribute to the local fishing industry.

Oistins Bay Gardens is one of the most preferred entertainment spots of locals and visitors to our island. The facility is home to the famous Oistins Fish Fry. Oistins Bay Gardens was transformed with new vendor’s kiosks and entertainment facilities by the Barbados Tourism Investment Inc. and is currently managed and maintained by the National Conservation Commission.

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