Government Gardens

In September 1976 the Government decided that gardens attached
to Government Buildings and the Commission should maintain
properties and thus the control of the staff of twenty-seven (27) gardens of Government buildings was transferred from the Ministry of Agriculture with effect from April 1, 1977.

These areas include are listed as follows:

  • Government House
  • Government Headquarters
  • Culloden Farm
  • Codrington House
  • Marine House
  • Military Cemetery
  • The Chief Justice’s Residence
  • The Public Service Commission
  • Open Window Bay Street
  • Old Hospital Buildings
  • The Caribbean Development Bank
  • The Ministry of Agriculture
  • The Labour Department
  • Verona House
  • Marine House
  • Sir Frank Worrell’s Grave
  • The Fairchild Street Market
  • Pine Plantation House
  • The Public Library
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