The National Conservation Commission in partnership with the Organization of American States (OAS) embarked on a three (3) year project to add a more structured and scientific approach to the management of beach resources. The Beach Management Project culminated in the preparation of a Beach Management Plan for the Commission thereby enhancing the capacity of this organization to carry out its mandate.

The Beach Management Plan will create clear guidelines to promote sustainable development and management of beach resources of Barbados for the benefit of stakeholders, reduce conflicts that currently and may potentially occur as a result of the various types of uses of the island’s beaches, increase the level of public awareness about beach management issues and to provide a forum for members of the public to raise their concerns and propose suggestions regarding dealing with perceived problems and ensure the protection of wildlife and habitat within the coastal zone.

The NCC will now build on this foundation over the next 2 years by utilizing the plan to make informed decisions about allocation of resources for beach management. the NCC will be continuously reviewing the Beach Management Plan and carry out further studies in beach risk analysis, beach carrying capacity, beach rating and evaluation scheme, beach stability mapping and communication planning.

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