Public Relations / Marketing Department

The PR/Marketing Department supports and is committed to working closely with all departments as it relates to their marketing and communication needs. As the lead communication office for the organization, its responsibilities include production of marketing programs and materials, assisting in the creation of communication strategies and coordinating and overseeing all internal and external communications.

Accounts / Stores Department

The accounts department is responsible for handling all financial matters which include the preparation and processing of wages on behalf of staff and former employees, the processing of payments for suppliers of goods and goods & services.
The ordering, stocking and distribution of equipment, tools, supplies and requisites to all departments is done by the stores section which is staffed by a Senior Store Keeper and two (2) Assistant Store Keepers.

Building & Works Department

This department manages the construction of buildings and other infrastructure; the repair and maintenance of such buildings and infrastructure, the construction repair and maintenance of recreational equipment and furniture and the manufacture of other items including concrete pavers & plant pots.

Commercial Department

Following a policy directive that the NCC become more self-sufficient, a Commercial Department was formed, comprising of the following sections:

  • Codrington Nursery and Garden Centre
  • Landscape Installation and Maintenance
  • Indoor Plant Maintenance
  • Production of Play Equipment
  • Production of Landscape Related Items
  • Supply of Garden Supplies and Accessories such as plant pots, concrete slabs, forks, spades, rakes, etc

The department is responsible for the management of the Commission’s plant nursery, Garden Centre, Grass Nursery and provides Landscape and maintenance of landscape services for various public and private sector entities.
One of the commercial department’s early projects was the landscaping of the Dover Convention Centre. The department later undertook other major landscaping assignments at the new Grantley Adams International Air Terminal and the housing estates of the National Housing Corporation.
The department is responsible for the landscape works and maintenance of properties such as The Ministry of Education and Human Resource Development, the estates of the Barbados Industrial Development Corporation, the Almond Beach properties at Heywoods, St. Peter and Vauxhall, St. James, ,the Crystal Cove Hotel, the Turtle Beach Hotel and the Barbados National Terminal Company Ltd.

Field Services Department

This department is responsible for the upkeep and maintenance of parks, beaches, open areas and beach facilities around the island. Some members of staff assigned to this department are deployed to work over the seven day work week.

Human Resources and Administration Department

This department oversees all human resources and personnel functions on behalf of the employees as well as selected administrative activities.
These include training and development, performance management, grievance handling and disciplinary matters, the management and maintenance of employee records, responsibility for the mail registry, the processing of applications for the use of Parks, beaches and open areas.

Internal Audit Department

The department is responsible for ensuring that all procedures and financial and administrative controls are adhered to by all employees of the organisation with a view to making recommendations to the Board of Directors to assist in the decision making process. It consists of three members of staff – one Internal Auditor and two clerical officers.

Transport, Mechanics & Welders Department

This department looks after the provision and coordination of transport services for all departments in the organization; the maintenance and repair of the Commission’s vehicles and equipment, the maintenance, repair and construction of play park equipment and the provision of general welding services.

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