We Plantin' More Than A Million Trees

The Barbados National Tree Planting Project more affectionately known as, “WE PLANTIN’”, is a long term strategic initiative, to launch a green revolution in Barbados. Under Pillar 5 of the BLP’s Manifesto (2018), there is a call-to-action, for “PROTECTING AND PRESERVING OUR ENVIRONMENT”; which is the mandate for this project.

The “WE PLANTIN'” project will endeavour to plant ONE MILLION trees, to contribute towards fighting climate change. It is intended to accomplish multiple goals, including: reducing our carbon footprint and providing trees for: beautification, recreation, business and entrepreneurship, conservation and food.

We invite you to join us in doing our part, by planting trees – in solidarity with the (196) countries which signed the PARIS Climate Accord.

Find out how you can become a “FRIEND OF THE ENVIRONMENT” by clicking here. You can also call the WE PLANTIN’ hotline, at 536-TREE | or | (246) 536-8733.

Minister of Environment and National Beautification, Trevor Prescod, planting a tree at Hope Plantation, St. Lucy, to mark the start of We Plantin’ More Than A Million National Tree Planting Project yesterday. (S.Forde-Craigg/BGIS)

How to Plant a Tree

Trees that come from a Plant Nursery are usually container grown or bareroot stock. Bareroot stock are plants dug directly from the Plant Nursery Field and the roots are covered with a moist material and enclosed in a package or paper bag. Container-grown means that the plant had been grown in a container above ground for most of its life. (Learn More)











On The Map

Use the map below to monitor the We Plantin’ project as we look to reach our goal of 1 million trees planted in 2020.

Where to Plant

• Remember that most trees grow between 12 – 15 feet, so give trees plenty of room to grow. Place trees where they will not be crowded after they reach full size.
• Stay away from phone and power lines.
• Plant a good distance away from house. Do not block views at street corners and traffic signs.
• Give roots room to grow. Different trees have different root-growth patterns. Some trees are much better suited that others for planting along street curbs  and sidewalks. If in doubt, consult your local Plant Nursery.

Do not plant trees over or beside underground sewage and water lines.

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